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is adobe after effects better but harder to use than vlab?

Posted: Fri, 9th Feb 2007, 5:21am

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are there more and much better looking effects in adobe after effects 7 pro, but much more complicated to learn?

with adobe after effects can you create CG clips?
Posted: Fri, 9th Feb 2007, 5:45am

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There are other effects in After Effects, so it is kind of difficult to compare the two. The quality of the effects in VisionLab is as good as anything, including After Effects; although that quality depends on the user, as with any program. VisionLab is definitely easier to learn and use.

What exactly do you mean by CG clips? CG stands for computer generated, so yes, any effect created by After Effects or VisionLab is CG. If you mean CG in the sense of 3D animation, no. Neither VisionLab or After Effects is a 3d animation tool.
Posted: Fri, 9th Feb 2007, 5:57am

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Short answer: Yes, After Effects has a much steeper learning curve than FXhome apps. However, both apps have a different feature set, so it's a difficult comparison. AE is primarily a compositing app, and you will have a harder time creating many popular effects for your movies.

Not sure what you mean by CG clips exactly, but yes you can do some great effects and compositing with AE. But again, you'll have to work a lot harder to get the same results as you would with FXhome's Clab or Elab. And, you'll spend more money. A lot of AE's cool effects are the result of additional plug-ins, which will cost money.

I've used AE 6.5 (Production Bundle) for a few years. I've recently dropped it for Shake (which I love), and I'm also extremely happy to have discovered Vlab. If you want to add high-quality effects to your films quickly, you'll save some time and money by going with the FXhome apps.
Posted: Sat, 10th Feb 2007, 6:17pm

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I have used After Effects 7 pro and i must say, it can do a heck of a lot of cool stuff. The only 3d stuff it can to that Vlab can't (as far as i'm aware) is particles. AE has a 3d particle engine, but it is much harder to master than that of Fxhome products. AE is a lot harder to learn, so i personally have to go with fxhome products, especially since they can do a lot of the same things that AE can with more simplicity. There are a few things that differ: 1 being a lightning engine, which the fxhome team has said they will most likely input later in one of the updates, 2, the 3d particle system, which can partially be replicated in fxhome products already, and some more filters.

As far as compositing goes, Clab and Visionlab have a big leap over AE. I have been able to cut out a greenscreen in the fxhome products much much much easier than in AE.

Also, the muzzle flash is a thousand times easier to make in Fxhome products, lightsabers are much easier, you can create any optic you can think of in fxhome products as apposed to using a ton of layers in AE or a range of about 5 specific unmodifiable presets.

IMO, fxhome has some of the best special effects capabilities in the buisiness and you save a lot of money.