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Star Trek beaming

Posted: Sun, 11th Feb 2007, 11:45am

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Hi everyone, I really need your help.

I am making a Star Trek film and it is esential that I nail the beaming effect ( matter transporter effects ). I dont mind which series the style is from, but hopefully I could get something like from one of the more modern series (i.e the same effect from any of the series except from TOS). If any one could help and make this effect preset then that would be the best!

Thanks in advance!
Posted: Sun, 11th Feb 2007, 4:34pm

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Have you had a look at the preset library? It isn't specifically emulating any specific Star Trek look, but this Transporter Deres effect was based on the general concept.

Also, the AlamDV2 plug-ins download section has an entire caterory of Star Trek effects which has some transporter elements you might find helpful.
Posted: Mon, 26th Feb 2007, 1:21pm

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Bryan M Block

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Check the thread about the Enterprise, I posted a link to an excellent tutorial and was chastised for it- because I meant to post it in this thread.