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Downloading Video Tutorials [ANSWER]

Posted: Tue, 13th Feb 2007, 3:10pm

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Your tutorials have been so helpful in getting me started and I look forward to more of them in the future. I do have a question however concerning how I can use them more frequently.

I see on the tutorial pages that there appears to be a downloading function but I can never seem to get it to work. I have dial-up at home and would love to download them to use at home when I am working on my movies.

Is there any way to do this?

I am running the latest version of internet explorer, and windows xp profressional.

Any thoughts?
Andy Emerson
Posted: Tue, 13th Feb 2007, 3:12pm

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You just right-click on the Download link, choose "Save Target As"/"Save link as" and select a destination
Posted: Tue, 13th Feb 2007, 3:15pm

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Simon K Jones

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It's a normal download link, as far as I'm aware. Alternatively, if you can get hold of Digital Video magazine by Future Publishing, they've got a collection of the tutorials in their cover disc this month.
Posted: Tue, 13th Feb 2007, 4:17pm

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If saving is your only problem, then because you're dial-up I'd recommend a download manager like GetRight (free for a trial period). But if you're on pay as you go then might be best to follow Tarn's suggestion, otherwise your phone bill may be high.