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Praise and props to the Fx software and their community

Posted: Wed, 28th Feb 2007, 9:16am

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It was about a year back when I returned home from my hellacious 11 month stay in New Orleans. I originally went there to study graphic design and compositing, that is until katrina happened. While we were evacuating, I didn´t have time to pack anything important, so I managed to salvage my laptop, 2 t'shirts, jeans, and shoes(no socks or underwear), and the disks to my Vue 5, Premiere Pro 1.5, and my photoshop software. I lost everything else. I managed to entertain myself making scenes and stuff while me and my friend waited at the airport in Houston. When I finally returned home I realized I had taken my software cds but not the instruction booklets. This might seem trivial or silly but the thing is I had recently begun using vue 5 and needed some help with its usage. I went online to see if they could send me another or let me download one via pdf file, but unfortunately the codes and the license number i had purchased were written in a notebook that was obviously washed away. Hell, my friend found the notebook but it was unreadeble. The adobe people responded immediately and sent me manuals for both of the softwares I owned, but the vue guys had trouble believing what had happened citing to me that my story was so incredible I should be into moviemaking. Eventually they found my license # and informed me that my last name was misspelled and that was the reason for taking so long to believe me. What does this have to do with Fx???? Well, while waiting for answers from Vue I was desperately looking for a software to make special effects.......first thing I found that day on google was something called I was amazed, and truly it caught my attention immediately. But still I had my doubts about the compatibility between fx lab and my other editing software. I wrote an email, and surprisingly enough one of the founding members of the software and its domain replied back within a day. I had never had that kind of experience. Most customer service emails take days, even weeks to get a reply from. But this guy took from himself to reply, and clear any doubts I had. I praised him for his sincere effort in helping me make my mind. My next move was get my wallet and my credit card to purchase fxlab pro, and to this day I have never been happier about any software I have purchased than I did when I got fxlab. It was Mr. Simon Jones a.k.a. Tarn, who answered my emails and gave me the info to make my purchase decision. I love the software and the community seems really close-knit and extremely helpful, and I can see that the users here are true craftsmen of this art of compositing and special fx. I got an extreme satisfaction after working for 11 weeks to get enough money for my vue 5, but that doesn´t compare to the satisfaction and happiness I got when I finally purchased fxlab pro. I use it for everything I do, I even downloaded the fxhome logos to put in my presentations so that people see what helps me accomplish my projects, I only wish i had a couple of tshirts and caps to wear to college everyday : ) So, as almost one year has passed since i got fxlab, I want to express my sincere thanks to Simon Jones and the rest of the fxhome team, and the community of filmmakers that make this site user friendly and completely awesome.


Andres ¨Druguer¨Rieckehoff
Posted: Wed, 28th Feb 2007, 10:08am

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T-shirts, check! Caps, Check!
Posted: Wed, 28th Feb 2007, 10:19am

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Simon K Jones

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Thanks for the kind words, druguer! Glad to hear we've provided you with a good service - hopefully we'll continue to do so for the years to come. smile