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Keyframing Shapes in Optics [Answer]

Posted: Sat, 3rd Mar 2007, 5:16am

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Why is there no support for keyframing shapes? It would be immensely useful to be able to control the various properties of a shape in an optical effect. As a programmer, I don't see any reason why these should be disallowed. Is there some other reason why they are not permitted?
Posted: Sat, 3rd Mar 2007, 6:18am

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The optics engine was designed for creating lens flares. In an authentic lens flare, the properties of the various shapes remain constant, and movement is contingent on the camera. I agree that for some other uses, having control over these properties could be useful, but it is not necessary for what the engine was designed to do.
Posted: Sat, 3rd Mar 2007, 12:50pm

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It probably wasn't added because we didnt think of it, rather than it being a programming issue. Don't forget, although the core team is expanding now, when the software was created, the team was really small! And im sure, being a programmer yourself, you will appreciate the difficulty of designing and implementing visionlab within a reasonable time frame, with few programmers is ..... tricky

Thanks for your idea for improvement, as with all user input we will look into adding that in a future version - in fact its something that has already (although briefly) been considered