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How do you scorch ground after fire, expolsions and impacts?

Posted: Wed, 7th Mar 2007, 6:15pm

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M60 Gunner

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Hello, Guys

It's me again, I need some help, hope I am not being an akle baby
when asking some of the question that I could not understand clearly that others have already answered.

Can I use both Effects Lab Pro, and Composit Lab Pro for these task?

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Posted: Wed, 7th Mar 2007, 6:23pm

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I had a sequence where a dragon breathed fire causing flames and smoke to rise up and blackening the ground.

The smoke and flames were presets and to blacken the ground I used an irregularly shaped matte. With the matte at 100% it appeared as a black hole in the main image. However by altering the opacity of the matte (starting from 0% - i.e.: matte having no effect at all) over time using keyframes I managed to get an area of the ground to darken as if becoming burned.

It wouldn't hold up to prolonged or close scrutiny but for a quick and easy method it acheived what I wanted.
Posted: Sun, 24th Feb 2008, 8:13pm

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I just used the same technique, added some small blurred fire and then obscured the whole thing with transparent smoke from and it looks fabulous.
Posted: Sun, 24th Feb 2008, 9:51pm

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Or you could add a grade object that darkens or gives a scorch look, and add an inverted mask to it on the ground or whatever got scorched in the shape you want.

(Please click on the above picture smile)