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Expanding (Increasing) Glow in Lightsaber [ANSWER]

Posted: Sun, 11th Mar 2007, 7:57pm

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I've been trying out the demo for EffectsLab Pro for a while, and then decided it was time to purchase it. Yesterday, I purchased it for Mac OS X and it runs perfectly. Anyway, I have shot a short, about 1 minute 30 second lightsaber video, and am rotoscoping it with EffectsLab Pro. I already rotoscoped about 100 frames, but the glow is very weak. I am sorry if this was already previously answered, but how could I increase the glow size of the saber to make it look more like an actual lightsaber?

Any answers would be appreciated!

Posted: Mon, 12th Mar 2007, 1:08am

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The feather option will change how large/small the glow is, you could also play with the intensity settings, if you look on the forums there are also a lot of tutorials on how to make lightsabers.
Posted: Mon, 12th Mar 2007, 2:36am

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Probably the best way to get acquainted with the programs is to watch the video tutorials. There's one in particular for using the Neon Light engine that covers all of the glow settings:
Or you could just read the manual, of course. biggrin
Posted: Mon, 19th Mar 2007, 9:43pm

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You can also simply use a preset, even though, if you've already did 100 frames, it may not be worth it.

By the way, AddictedToMac...

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Posted: Mon, 19th Mar 2007, 10:39pm

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Yes, the video tutorials are quite helpful. I'd recommend watching all the ones pertaining to EffectsLab. And welcome to the community!