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Pre-Keying in effects lab

Posted: Sun, 11th Mar 2007, 9:30pm

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Is there a way to use the grading tools in effects lab (lite) to make an effect of pre-keying a green screen? I am having trouble with lighting and am using a different chroma key editor.
Can you do it? and if so, how?
Posted: Mon, 12th Mar 2007, 1:09am

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Effects lab is the wrong program, Composite lab does greenscreen. so in other words, no you cant.
Posted: Mon, 12th Mar 2007, 4:47am

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By nature a pre-key grade only affects the colors of the footage during the keying process. Because of this, there is no way to do a pre-key grade in a program other than the one you are using for the actual keying.
Posted: Mon, 12th Mar 2007, 10:12am

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And Comp lab has some excellent pre-keying tools. I've dragged some appallingly lit green screen footage back into use.