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AlamDV2 version history (2.0.3 to 2.1.5)

Posted: Wed, 5th Jun 2002, 4:29pm

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Joshua Davies

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Bug Fixes:-
1. Render problems.
2. Masking on render to colour fixed.
3. Other fixes.

Bug Fixes:-
1. Random delete error fixed.
2. Reloading projects AVI not loading fixed.
3. Dragging keyframes over the edge of the timeline fixed.

Bug Fixes:-
1. Updated opening engine - fixes bug with Lens Flare and complicated effects.
2. Better success when exporting in 24bit - THIS IS STILL NOT A SUPPORTED OPTION.
3. More datailed error reports now work correctly.
4. Installer message updated so its less misleading.
5. Save the Save As then save problem fixed.

1. AlamDV2 now asks you to relink your movie if you move it from its original location.
2. Warning if your import a Microsoft DV codec video without a better DV codec installed.

Bug Fixes:-
1. Several saving bugs fixed - no more script errors we hope.
2. More detailed error reports.
3. Fixed problem with image numbers when exporting to images.
4. Effect timeline errors fixed.
5. Quad manipulation errors fixed.
6. Revised and updated installers.
7. Small Interface tweaks.
8. ALM files now work correctly on PC (linked to AlamDV2 and show the right icon).
9. Memory tweaks to the Macintosh version to improve stability under MacOS9.

The new Standard and Developer installers include a QuickStart PDF to help you get going with AlamDV2.

1. Check import problems if you import a still first it doesn't come up.

1. Add higher zoom levels up to 800%
2. Fix effectname tooltips.

Render Engine
1. Fix Image Export.
2. Fix Image Stream Export.
3. Field Distortion fixed.

1. Fix the "Visit" button.
2. Add the correct people to the splash and credits (remove out of date people).

1. Press SPACE while loading to delete all plugins then reinstall them.

CD Stuff
1. Include MainVision DV Codec Demo.
2. Include Demo Footage.
3. Include Plugins.

1. As Xcession suggested, it would be nice to have the last 5 projects appear in the file menu for quick opening...

1. Need to include AlamDV version history.
2. Script error on first run fixed.

1. After opening a new project, you can create an error by trying to modify an effect when you don't have one selected.

1. Fix plugins with broken alpha channels which means they are always invisible in AlamDV2.0.7 onwards. These plugins include both the ghost plugins and the electrical arc.
2. On of the ground explosion plugins needs to be darker to get rid of nasty boxes round the edge.
3. Several other plugins are just broken.
4. Needs to clear all the effects menus when installing new plugins.

Render Engine
1. Minor Bug when using the new effect blur option. It can leave a black box behind - need to kill that one.
2. ESC should stop rendering.
3. Should warn you to keep AlamDV2 in foreground when rendering...


Render Engine
1. Blur level. Allows the user to change the amount of blur applied.
2. Render Only Blur. This is a special option for lightsword makers. It allows you to blur you effects and not your footage. NOTE: This only works on luminocity effects and can have unpredictable effects on none luminocity based effects.
4. AVI codec problems fixed - should export to all the codecs now rather that just one.

Web Render
1. Stop AlamDV getting stuck on the render page if you try to overwrite a webpage you just exported.

Mac Fixes
I'm trying to create a carbon plugin installer which will help. The new version won't use shared System memory to help against some other problems.

1. Allows the use of other skin files.
2. An Animaster noticed, the interface modify menus should be converted as well so they have been.

1. Onion Skinning.
2. Make the "About this effect" window work when clicking on the effect preview.
3. Make the link to help file work in the about effect dialog.
4. You can set the start/end frames of your effects and control the span better.
5. German, French and Norwegian interfaces.
6. Stop the overflow on the timeline where it starts effecting other graphics. This happens when the user has loads (over 118) of objects on the timeline at once. This error does suggest that AlamDV2 isn't being used correctly as there should never be this many objects on the timeline.

1. AlamDV will no longer look for plugin images when you have moved/deleted the plugin.

1. AlamDV2 needs to warn you when you are not in 32bit colour.
2. More Quick keys suggested by Av11d.
3. Random, saving files, script errors fixed.
4. Problems opening projects linked to AVI files fixed.
5. Update all links to the web site.

******************************************* Release Info
- PC Only Release
- Fixes error when opening saved projects.
- Fixes error when inputting an illegal serial code.
The new version fixed a couple of tiny bugs and fixed Image import. Please read the previous news post for all the new features - I'll write my tutorials over the next few days.


New Render Engine.
1. The render engine is 100% new and now supports many more options. All the old standards are supported (QuickTime, AVI and Images) but we now also have the option of Export to Web and many rendering preferences including paint effects.
2. Export to Web - You can select your favorite frames in your movie by pressing ctrl-F, and when you select "Export To Web" AlamDV2 will automatically create a gallery of those frames. It creates the images, the previews and all the html for you - ready for upload onto the web. Check it out here -> Export To Web example..
3. Paint Effects - The new render engine lets you apply many different effects to your final render including Reduce Noise, Despeckle, Enhance, Oil Painting, Button, Solarize, Sharpen, Charcoal, Emboss, Edge Detection. It is also possible to add a blur to your footage - very good at killing jaggies from lightswords if you render to black and overlay in your video editor.
4. Using the new CG effects, you can now control your video just like any other effect. You can change its shape, position, scale and rotation all on the timeline which gives some great effects when you render. Great for making explosions look more powerful or creating earthquakes -> AlamDV2 Movie Distortion Movie.

New Interface/Interface Engine.
1. Finalised Skin File for every element in the program.
2. All visible text objects (menus and dialogs) are created from external files that come with the skin - this allows for different languages.
3. A new, more simple interface that makes it easier to understand the different timelines and kills off unwanted/outdated items.
4. Animation options so users can have quad control like AlamDV1 or AlamDV2 (also changed see below).
5. The quad is modified using both mouse button (ctrl-click for right mouse on the Mac). Left mouse for normal dragging. Right mouse for rotate, 3D sides and scale. Makes everything a lot easier.
6. The amount of one screen graphics has been reduced to make it more zippy and it's also much prettier.
7. All sliders that control frames movement now stick to frames - making everything feel nicer. The Timeline slider (at the top of the timeline) and the main slider both update the render unless you right click for quick movement. The timeline also displays a frame as a block rather than just a line. It's all dynamic and much more predictable.
8. Timelines reworked.

New Plugin import engine.
1. Creates backups of your .cst files before installing new effects.
2. Effects warning on Mac versions if you try to add too many plugins.
3. Progress bar now shows progress for each image of each plugins - much more reliable and easier to understand.

1. A load of updates to the timeline which gives you more predictable control.
2. Preferences reworked.
3. QuickTime and AVI are no longer split on the import dialog. Its now nice and simple and the same on Mac and PC platforms. Movie, Image Stream or Still Image. (AlamDV auto detects the file type)


1. Fixed transparency issues for multi-layer effects when in the animation timeline.
2. Render warnings to stop users changing window while rendering.
3. Multi screen systems on the PC are better supported as AlamDV2 will try to detect strange screen resolutions.
4. AlamDV2 will remember where you placed the screen for the next time you load up.
5. Applying an effect while you are not within the span of the effect no longer creates an error.
6. Image output dialogs all corrected so they don't think they are movie output dialogs.
7. Delete key will kill the effect you are working on.
8. Animations/Effect Timeline tabs code fixed.
9. Cancel Effects Script Errors checked.
10. Cancel Keys for rendering and plugin installation (ESC).
11. IN and OUT frame markers update better.
12. Tool tips on zoom, object info and kill object buttons.
13. Apply Effect button above the escape effect button.
14. Plug-in names appear as they load.
15. Confirmation window appears after installing plugins.
16. Opening projects with multi-layer effects like lightsword will work correctly.
17. Mac Plug-in loading problems - some extra fixes.
18. Timeline span glitches fixed.
19. In the animation timeline the ESC key cancels the changes you are making and reverts the effect back to its previous state.
20. Its possible to open your exported movies while AlamDV2 is open.
21. Random clicking on first launch doesn't cause script errors.
22. Rendering bugs while on the animation timeline which leaves objects sitting in the background has been fixed.
23. Many other timeline upgrades at bug fixes - you should notice the timeline is more predictable.

1. Back to original shape option in the "Modify" menu.
2. Trial 16bit support.
3. Stretch Effect to IN/OUT frames in modify menu.
4. Tooltip names appear over the effects in the Effect Timeline.
6. Support for plug-in spec 101. This is backwards compatible with current AlamDV2 effects and adds some extra options. New overlay styles, default frame length for loop animations, plugin defined start size, fit to video size.
7. Plugger v0.5a with support for plug-in sepc 101 as part of the AlamDV2 installer.
8. Updated other skins for new buttons.
9. New Windows 2000 Skin.
10. Copy and paste object paths on to different effects added to "Modify" menu.
11. User can now output images to multiple formats. It is also possible to export the current frame easily from a drop down menu on the export dialog.
12. AlamDV will let you put in your own screen sizes.
13. You can now preview the frame you are on fully rendered.
14. You can now play and stop the movie using the space bar with the effects rendering quite fast.


1. Mac Loading Problems fixed.
2. Macintosh Memory Leak Fixed.
3. Plugin Install up to 250% faster.
4. Tool tips support added and many buttons now show tool tips.
5. Modify Menu now works with different options depending which timeline you are in.
6. RETURN now applies the effect and if pressed again moves back to the animation timeline.
7. Single Plugin Install works - press the space bar while launching AlamDV2.
8. Refresh Plugins now works better - press backspace while launching AlamDV2.
9. The Attributes window now has a title.
10. New Links to effects section of the web site added.
11. Warning displayed after changing AlamDV2 preferences.
12. Link to the temp QuickStart Tutorial Added.
13. Menu item added to show the effect path - same as pressing the top left key under the ESC (what key is that?) on the PC or tilde on the Mac. (might be a bit unpredictable)
14. MacOS X Icons added for people running AlamDV2 MacOSX - AlamDV2 is not MacOSX Native yet.
16. v2.0.4 Has been tested under MacOSX Classic mode and appears to function exactly as it does under MacOS 9.2.2.
17. Some interface bug fixes.


1. Image Import Added.
2. Image Stream Import Added.
3. MicrosoftDV fottage can load through QuickTime.
4. QuickTime suffix lockouts removed.
5. AVI EXPORT FOR ALL CODECS providing the resolution of your movie is ok for the codec.
6. Export Script Errors Fixed.
7. Close Button -> Cancel Fixed.
8. Close Project Fixed.
9. Render Defaultly ON.
10. Render now clears on switch off.
11. Magnification Errors Fixed.
12. Lightsword/Multi-layer Problems Fixed.
13. Render Positions fixed.
14. General Script Faults.
15. Minor Save/Open Tweaks.