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Suggestion for the site

Is it a good idea to have a forum for the presets?

Yes.50%[ 3 ]
No.50%[ 3 ]

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Posted: Mon, 23rd Apr 2007, 1:38am

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Do you guys think it would be a good idea to have a forum for the presets? I mean, the fxhome cinema has it's own forum, so why don't the presets have one?

That way, when you're not sure wether you should download a preset or not, you can ask other fxhome members.

Also, it would be a good place to say, "Good job, mate!" to the person who has submitted the preset.

What d'you guys think of that?
Posted: Mon, 23rd Apr 2007, 1:54am

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I'm not sure. It might just clog up the preset section. Maybe if there was a link in each preset description leading to a forum that might work.
Posted: Mon, 23rd Apr 2007, 8:08am

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We did debate whether the presets section should have comments, but in the end we decided it would be overkill.

Comments make sense for the cinema because the movies promote a lot of discussion. I don't think it would be the same for the presets. Like you say, it'd mainly just be comments saying "nice work", which you could pmsg to the author already anyway.