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Asylum synopsis

Posted: Wed, 25th Apr 2007, 4:16pm

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Setting: Modern day, but perhaps a little into the future - 2010 maybe.

A car crashes, in broad daylight, in a fairly average inner city road. The passengers are shaken and get out to check what they hit, but find nothing and drive away, paranoid but unable to do any more.

A man and woman argue loudly in an appartment, resulting in the woman forcing the man out onto the streets. He walks aimlessly, attempting to strike up conversation with strangers, who actively avoid his advances and often act suspiciously after the encounter.

He enters a bar, where a striking woman in uniform takes an interest in him. Desparate for affection, he starts a one-way chat up, almost taking the form of a private monologue, which explains in passing how his "ex" didn't appreciate him because he can "see things". At this point the woman abruptly starts a phonecall through a headset, seemingly indicating rather rudely, that he should fuck off and leave her alone. As he makes his way to his seat, confused and pissed off, a group of muscular clinical-looking types whisk into the bar, inject him and drag him out.

He wakes up strapped to a bed in a mental hospital where, over a period of days (compressed in the film) he becomes aware that others can see his supposedly private halucinations.

[beyond this point i've no more than snapshots of scenes]

He leaves/escapes/is discharged but witnesses a mugging from across the street. Feeling the need to intervene, he chases the perp, but has he turns a corner a car slams into the mugger, killing him instantly. Looking around, he sees several uniformed (same uniform as woman in bar) people on comms devices, packing up equipment. Overhearing the conversation he realises the death was orchestrated. He attempts to get passers by to phone the police, trying to make them aware of the people in uniform, but they behave as if hes totally nuts, pretend nothing has happened and walk straight past the wreck as if it wasn't there.

Some kind of optional shot where the uniformed people tap away on a computer and appear to deliberately prevent an innocent person getting in the way of the car which kills the mugger.

He decides to escape the city to where there are no more people.

On his travels he discovers entire networks and groups of uniformed people. Vehicles, buildings, structures which hes never seen before. Perhaps some kind of Citadel-like places which are clearly incongruous, yet ignored by the population.

He makes his way to a disused farm building. Over a period of days he settles in, purely as a squatter obviously. The countryside is quiet and serene. A man in wellies and a wax jacked greets him one day as he leaves the house and a pleasant conversation is struck where the main guy lies and says he is renovating the building. The jacketted man leaves, but once out of visual range/camera shot, can be heard using the same distinctive computer equipment and utter some kind of ominous phrase to imply hes one of the nasty people.



[The interaction at the beginning with 'Hidden' people, would take a similar form to how The Sixth Sense did conversations with dead people]