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Lightswords: Lightsabers Made Easy

Posted: Thu, 10th May 2007, 3:08pm

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Okay then, you wanna make a good looking lightsaber?

First (after you have imported your footage) you wanna go to the frame you want your lightsaber to start and ,on the effects toolbar on the right of the screen, you'll want to select "Neon Light".

Choose 4-Point mode for lightsabers (freehand is more gooey radioactive stuff!)

Click on all four corners of the object you want to add effects to and you neon lightsaber will appear !

You'll have to edit it in each frame until you want it to stop...or...if your saber has a straight simple path you can use "Tweening" (you can change settings of tween strength and other stuff on the neon glow options set)

*You can change the duration of the effect by right clicking on the effect on the timeline and selecting "set duration" on the little menu*

to change the color of the glow of your saber click on the neon light on the left of your timeline, select 4-point then select neon glow. Change the color by clicking on the colorful bar just underneath the top box. Select your color gradient by clicking the pointer on the bar and select a different color of your choice. You can choose multiple colors by clicking on a different spot of the gradient bar and chossing a color for each pointer, this usually enhances your glow quality and makes it look more realistic.

That is basically how to do a lightsaber now look at other tutorials like "Creating RvD Stlye Lighsabers In EffectsLab" to enhance your saber quality

Hope you find this tutorial helpful
(its my first one!)


Posted: Thu, 12th Jun 2008, 11:19am

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Thanks for the tutorial, although I'm sure there's more than enough out there already. Your tutorial's nothing knew, but helpful anyway. Mentioning tweening was a good idea.
Posted: Tue, 25th Nov 2008, 10:54pm

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Sometimes it good to type/write things out. It helps you learn it and ingrains it in your own mind.