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How to make 3D clips/images in Composite lab

Posted: Sun, 13th May 2007, 11:47am

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You may want some 3D glasses ready

Hello, I woke up this morning and thought I'd start trying to make a 3D image using Composite lab, i have spent six hours figuring this out and finally i have done it.

Opening the video
Lets start off shall we? I used Er-no's Project one clip found in the example project folder.

OK, import your clip onto the timeline and right click it and press "Copy" then paste it on top of the first clip.

The first Grade
Here you need to go to your first clip and click the grade box, go up to the toolboxes for grades and click Ambient light leave it red and type in the box 91 this will redden your screen.

I have no found if you Turn the Red ambient to full it will be more realistic

Onto the second clip, we need to open the grade toolboxes again and click Ambient light and click the colour bar.

You will need to type in three numbers here to get the greenish blue. this can be found on the image above on the first three number bars.
Red = 79
Green = 230
Blue = 255

The rest will automatically configure after you type the third one in.

Once you have clicked OK you now turn the blue strength up to max

Now so far we can only see the second clip. While we stay on the second clip stay in the Grade toolbox mode and click transparency you will need to move this down to about 46.73

Tricky times
Heres the hard bit.

You now need to click Animation on the second clip and move it to the left slightly so it looks like the one above. Use your 3D glasses to see if it is in the right place. You will be able to tell as the character will appear to be 3D "DUH"

Ok now for some extras

Although the screen goes darker when you add some Transparency you can counter this by going to the First clip and decreasing the Gamma by five or more.

Always make sure the clips are timed up perfectly.

Try the method out using different objects and clips but be warned you may need to change the trasparency, Gamma, Ambient strength ect to suit it so it's 3D.

I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial and it helps you smile


Tutorial by Ben Bayliss Copyrighted by Ben Bayliss. Logo by stevorivington.

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Posted: Sun, 13th May 2007, 12:55pm

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Great tutorial, will have to find my 3d glasses later and try this out. smile

For something even cooler, you could try masking single objects in the shot and make only them 3d. For example, you could have a particle rocket firing towards the audience, and make only that part in 3d (with animation).

Anyway, +1
Posted: Sun, 13th May 2007, 4:26pm

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Yeah i was thinking of Masking myself. There is a downfall in this tutorial but i'm not sure wether it can be done, but it only brings the image out silghtly, so I am currently searching for a way to make it actually pop out.

Posted: Mon, 14th May 2007, 8:35pm

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Very nice tut.

+1 for the long time you spent on this great effect. Keep up the hard work.
Posted: Sat, 2nd Aug 2008, 4:51am

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Z films

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Dude thanks for this so much! I'm so gonna do this in my upcoming video!
Posted: Thu, 28th Aug 2008, 9:40pm

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thats so cool i used to make 3D drawings like that when i was a kid the way to make pop out more well I'll say this the more you offset it the more it will pop out the less you off set it the less it will pop out also im not sure if this will work but if you negitivly offset it the video will appear to be more inward and if you positivly offset one masked object it will really apear to jump out at you ill make a sort video like this and do what i said but i dont have glasses so you guys will have to tell me how it looks.

wow i just typed alot