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Grading: Glowing Eyes

Posted: Tue, 22nd May 2007, 8:38am

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Simon K Jones

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Here's a preset of how I did the soldier's glowing eye:

That preset should be applied as a grade object above your main clip.

That will hopefully give you some ideas. The effect was achieved with a rotoscoped mask that followed the actor's eye, with a multi-colorize filter to shift it to yellow. A gleam filter was then applied to create the shine.

Notably, the effect looks better when applied on top of the blue-skin effect than onto the actor's natural skin.

There's lots of other ways to do it - if I wanted a more traditional eye glow, I'd probably use the optics engine as follows:

One really bright optic, positioned over the eye and masked so that it appears to be behind the eyelids. Again, gleam tends to help with the idea of light actually shining out:

Posted: Thu, 18th Oct 2007, 10:35pm

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Will this preset work with EffectsLab Pro? Is the gleam filter available in EffectsLab Pro?
Posted: Sun, 16th Dec 2007, 6:48pm

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I believe the Gleam filter is in eLab pro.

Select the track you want the gleam to be on. Then go down to "Composite", click, and in your attributes window it should have an effect called "Composite: Gleam".

Posted: Sun, 16th Dec 2007, 9:59pm

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But you can't do the first technique with EffectsLb because only VisionLab can apply composites to grade objects.

EDIT: Oh, I think you need to apply the gleam to a grade object for the second one too, so I don't think EffectLab can do either.
Posted: Sat, 19th Jan 2008, 11:40pm

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I can't find the presets in VisionLab Studio, where do I look under?