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Big problem with login

Posted: Tue, 29th May 2007, 6:51pm

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Hi! I have a huge problem. I am "mr asger" but I can't login, and I don't have my program. everytime i want to log in, it logins with this user. I have dobbelt tjekt it. I can't send a new password, becouse my email address doesn't exist any more. I have bought the effectslab pro, but I can't login, wich means i can't use it. PLEASE SOMBODY HELP ME. I HAVE TRIED EVERY POSSIBLE WAY TO FIX THIS, BUT NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK. I NEED TO BE ABLE TO LOGIN AS "MR ASGER"
Posted: Tue, 29th May 2007, 9:20pm

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E-mail and tell them everything you can about this problem and your personal details, and I'm sure they'll be able to help you with this ASAP. smile