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Does FX hope do blue screen?

Posted: Thu, 7th Jun 2007, 2:36am

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I know FXhome does green chromaking but I have a blue creen but I dont have a green screen.

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Posted: Thu, 7th Jun 2007, 2:49am

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Actually, ChromaKeying can use any color that you have! That's why ChromaKey is a nice thing to have for people who can't afford/light a greenscreen (Or blue, or whatever) perfectly, because it works with every color. There are a few other ways on VisonLab/CompositeLab that can take out the green/blue/whatever color behind an actor besides ChromaKeying. But yes, you can use any color you want, but try to stay as close to true Blue (Or green, or w/e) as you can. It makes it easier for the computer to identify it.
Posted: Thu, 7th Jun 2007, 8:35am

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Our compositing software can do bluescreens or greenscreens, it doesn't make any difference as far as the program is concerned.

We generally recommend using a greenscreren, however, simply because digital video cameras pick up more green colour data.