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time tunnel including tardis?

Posted: Sat, 9th Jun 2007, 6:54pm

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Elliptical Productions

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So thats what i'm looking for - the theme video without the credits of dr. who.

Thanks in advance
Posted: Sun, 10th Jun 2007, 7:46pm

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You can achieve this effect by using a fractial image and animating it in either 3D or another effects package.

The tardis is quite easy and all you need is either a image of the tardis or for a better effect use a 3D tardis. Then, reduce the size and send it down your time tunnel.
Posted: Mon, 11th Jun 2007, 1:18am

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Does anyone know of a good free fractal generator for the PC, ideally one which can output image streams from animations into or out of the fractals. I know, I don't want much do I wink
Posted: Thu, 14th Jun 2007, 2:55pm

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I just happened to notice, there is an animated "Time Tunnel" image stream in the AlamDV2 plugins section, under "Myth and Fantasy" which might work for you. No TARDIS, though. Anyway, I saw it and thought of your post.

They do have some TARDISes in the AlamDV2 plugins area, but they all appear to be stills from roughly the same angle.