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Lock mask to save time... [ANSWER]

Posted: Sun, 10th Jun 2007, 4:00pm

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zero eric

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I'm new with fxhome and I have a question
I'm making a film and I've got to mask. But I have to do this each frame and that takes so long.

Isn't there a possibility to lock a mask or something else?

Any suggestions?
Posted: Sun, 10th Jun 2007, 8:23pm

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Well the only thing i can say is you can't lock a mask, Vlabs not a motion tracker and you will have to do it frame by frame. Have pacience young padawan.


Posted: Sun, 10th Jun 2007, 9:58pm

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If you are masking a person out of a video, or anything similar, it would be a lot easier for you to use a greenscreen.
Posted: Mon, 11th Jun 2007, 5:49pm

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What's with the cat? eek
Posted: Mon, 25th Jun 2007, 3:35pm

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Yeah, what you're talking about is called rotoscoping, which is to cut out a subject within a frame using a mask.

It is possible to animate the mask, but you will need to tween it for each frame for the mask to accurately cut out your subject. As "Plainly Canadian" says, it would be much quicker to use a greenscreen, then composite that onto a background plate.

If you haven't already, make sure you watch the video tutorial on masking: