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Posted: Fri, 15th Jun 2007, 7:33pm

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whenever i clone myself it comes out transparent. is this normal.
Posted: Fri, 15th Jun 2007, 8:23pm

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Are you using green screen? I have never used Effects Lab for that type of superimposition because I understand that the mode of compositing it uses can lead to the superimposed clip being transparent. You really need Comp Lab for green screen work.
Posted: Fri, 15th Jun 2007, 8:59pm

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FXhomer32604 wrote:

whenever i clone myself it comes out transparent. is this normal.
Are you using a mask to isolate yourself? (since you cant do keying in EL). If so, you'll wan't to copy and paste the mask onto the background footage layer and then switch it to inverse as discussed over in this thread.
Posted: Sat, 16th Jun 2007, 1:07am

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Short answer: yes this is normal. EffectsLab is not designed for compositing.
Posted: Sat, 16th Jun 2007, 1:49am

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dude when i first got the software i had the same problem. my clones where transparent. All you have to do is, for each clone give him or her a simple square mask for there side of the shot. Then if i am remembering correctly, you have to then invert the mask. If you have any questions just reply back. Also if you understand tell me if it works. thanks