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How do you. . .

Posted: Sun, 24th Jun 2007, 12:15am

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How do you do that bullet thing where you see a bullet come out of the gun and passes throught tha air? Does it only work in FXHome EffefectsLab Pro?
Posted: Sun, 24th Jun 2007, 12:19am

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Well you could find a picture of a bullet and make it look as if it's coming out, but they move so fast it wouldn't matter.

Uless you talking about a 'Matrix Bullet Time' then you need to 3D one.
Posted: Mon, 25th Jun 2007, 5:19am

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I assume you are talking about bullet trails, where you see the sound waves created by the bullet as it rips thorugh the air. It will also work in VisionLab. It uses a composite mode called Displacement Mapping, which isn't available in the Lite version.