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Unable to login to old account

Posted: Tue, 3rd Jul 2007, 6:06pm

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DarkJedi07 is my account here, and I have absolutely no idea what email address I used to register with that, so I can't seem to login. razz

Is there any way for me to get back into that account?
Posted: Tue, 3rd Jul 2007, 7:30pm

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Since that account was created before it became required to use an email address to log-in, you should be able to use the username of the account, rather than the email address. If you don't happen to remember the password as well, email the team at, including any pertinent information that you can remember, and they will be able to sort things out.

Take care.
Posted: Tue, 3rd Jul 2007, 10:16pm

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Thanks. smile I was thinking of trying the username but didn't.
Posted: Wed, 4th Jul 2007, 8:05am

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Make sure you now update your email address in your user preferences.