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Patronus Effects from H. Potter

Posted: Fri, 6th Jul 2007, 1:52am

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Saw the trailers for the new potter movie "Order of the Phoenix" and was wondering where to start to create the Patronus clouds with anime'. Check out the website under:

Expecto Patronus
Posted: Fri, 6th Jul 2007, 10:21am

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I'm pretty sure you could create something similar (probably not the 3d model in the cloud of glowing smoke though) in EffectsLab Pro or VisionLab Studio, using the particle engine, a few smoke textures, and a few blurred layers with various compositing methods to create a good looking glow.
Posted: Sun, 29th Jul 2007, 2:38pm

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hey i dont know if this helps but... if you could find some greenscreened footage or stock footage of an animal, then resize it, change the colour to bright blue\white, and set the transparency to a lower setting and interlace it with a smoke particle effect then maybe that will work.... hope i helped wink, good luck finding footage tho smile.
Posted: Sun, 12th Aug 2007, 5:07am

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black ronin1228

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I currently have program called Daz Studio 1.7. It's a freebie located here at, and there are tons and tons of content available for people to purchase that is pretty damn cheap. If you had something like this... and you have a little bit of patience to learn the program (it's a 3D rendering modeler, and can also be used to animate via posing and tweening, much like here in FX home) and you could, for a little pocket change, create exactly what you're looking for, and could then spice it up using a few clouding techniques with certain effects from FX HOME. I am planning on buying this particular effect capability by 8/23/07 and I could render something for you. What animal would you like done? I have access dragons, dinosaurs, gorillas, chimps, demons, wyverns (dragon-like, but not as big), and many other options. Let me know.

Posted: Sun, 12th Aug 2007, 5:29am

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I've used Daz Studio with CL to make a few Patronus effects:
Example 1

Example 2

Rather fun, actually. I basically just rendered normally in DAZ with an alpha channel and experimented with a bunch of things in CL to get some cool glowing looks. Hope that helps. biggrin
Posted: Mon, 13th Aug 2007, 2:22am

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The result is good. What kind of setting did you use?