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Three cheers for the new alam manual...

Posted: Fri, 14th Jun 2002, 1:25am

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Boy, am I happy to see that! I can't believe what I was missing in the program!

Paul tard
Posted: Fri, 14th Jun 2002, 3:27am

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Yeah, it'll be good to have when I get stuck.

Of course, I'll probably screw up my project a half-dozen times trying to figure it out myself before I actually consult the manual.
Posted: Fri, 14th Jun 2002, 4:18am

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yay, three cheers!

hurray, hurray, hurray!
Posted: Fri, 14th Jun 2002, 10:44am

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Guys a job well done.
Posted: Fri, 14th Jun 2002, 11:10pm

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Joshua Davies

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Yeah, thanks to everyone that was involved.

I had the easy job of putting together the fine tutorial that had been made - there is no way we could have done it without you.

Thanks again... Everyone involved is credited in the Manual that goes on the CD..