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Harry Potter and Ootp Telporting beam

Posted: Thu, 19th Jul 2007, 2:25am

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the order and the death eaters both used it in the final battle can anyone preset this or tutorial this? pplease and thank you
Posted: Thu, 19th Jul 2007, 3:24am

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This is a really tough thing to ask someone to do. It's a pretty complex CG effect in the movies, I think. Similar to the Nightcrawler BAMF effect from X-Men 2. But I'm pretty sure it can be done in After Effects.

In fact, I'm going to attempt to pull it off. I somehow managed to do a pretty good version of the BAMF effect, and I think I might be able to get something pretty darn close. But it won't be a preset, it'll be some video that can be composited.

Maybe I'm wrong, though and this will be stupid hard and I won't ever figure it out. Vote now!
Posted: Sun, 12th Aug 2007, 4:21pm

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The Duelist

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Well, I haven't seen the fifth movie, but if the death eaters do it like they did in the graveyard in the fourth, it shouldn't be hard. Just use a wispy, thick black smoke particle effect, and keyframe it to move around, leaving a trail. When the trail reaches (actually a little past) your desired destination, use a green screened bit of footage that shows the person appearing and quickly fade it in behind the smoke.
Posted: Fri, 17th Aug 2007, 9:29pm

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i have a bamf preset in the library already just recolor and keyframe it, it would be perfect