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Suggestion for rating

Posted: Tue, 24th Jul 2007, 11:18pm

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I just think that it would be good for each movie subscribers to write and say why their movie is rated what it's rated. cause a 15+ movie could have many different things in it, so it would be good to be specific. Like you could say, rated 15+ for violence, or language or sexual stuff, or all of them. That would make people watch the movie cause they what awaits them.
Posted: Tue, 24th Jul 2007, 11:21pm

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But then where's the suprise?. Anyway they can always have a choice writing it in the discription such as "story plot here - this film contains violence"
Posted: Tue, 24th Jul 2007, 11:48pm

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I think it's a great idea. I've been thinking the same thing myself actually.
And, I doubt anyone's gonna give a warning in the discription of the movie saying what it contains.
Posted: Wed, 25th Jul 2007, 9:35am

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Simon K Jones

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If we feel a movie needs a written warning about content, we always include it anyway.

I don't think every movie needs to have its certificate detailed, however, as you can't really break things down that simply. Plus it runs the risk of spoiling the movie-watching experience itself.

These days, for example, Psycho wouldn't be able to have its amazing twist, because the movie poster/certificate would give the game away with "Scenes of horror/violence/murder" etc.

I think the age guide is enough for people to make a choice based on their own tastes, without spoiling the movie itself. The only exception is with 'extreme' cases, such as Feast of Friends, in which I usually put an additional warning on.
Posted: Tue, 31st Jul 2007, 12:36pm

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GI George

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I don't thinl it would really spoil it for instance, 12: because of strong language doesn't give away any of the plot atall, also usually from the poster you can kinda tell if their is going to be violence anyway, its kinda like watching a film, you know the main character isn't going to die, its just interresting to find out they get to death, or something like that