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merging layers, to create preset? [ANSWER]

Posted: Sat, 28th Jul 2007, 5:47pm

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hi i know its not been long since my last question but it is in reguard to the same animation.... i have completed one of my harry potter effects, but the problem is as follows ( picture below/ link)

i want those three layers to be merged into one so i can create a preset. please is there a way to do this, and would rendering it as a movie with an alpha format work? any help very much appreciated.
Posted: Sun, 29th Jul 2007, 5:24am

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There is no way to create a preset using multiple layers. You have to create a preset for each layer, label them accordingly, and submit them as 3 presets. Then people can download the three pieces are rebuild the effect, according to your instructions.
Posted: Wed, 1st Aug 2007, 8:30am

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Axeman is right; you can't create a single multi-layered preset. If you’re doing this effect for the purpose of sharing, you'll need to create the 3 individual presets.

If you're simply looking for a way to more easily manage this effect for your own usage, you could export all three layers with their alpha channel in tact, and then combine those layers in your NLE to make a single composited video file. You could then import that file back into your FxHome product as a single layer. You won't be able to adjust the effect in this state, but you can key-frame animate the clip just as you can any other static clip. The process may or may not be well suited for this particular effect, but it works well for many multi use effects such as explosions, muzzle flashes, ricochets, etc. and it really speeds up the rendering process for complex, multi-layered effects.

I have a video tutorial describing this process on my site if you're interested. In the tutorial, I use Adobe Premiere as my NLE but the principles apply to any alpha capable NLE.