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Simultaneous Crossgrade/Upgrade?

Posted: Mon, 30th Jul 2007, 7:06pm

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So I noticed this weekend that at least one project I am working on would be a lot easier if I have VisionLab, even if only because I wouldn't have to close and then open different programs all day long (or try running them simultaneously, which my computer gets cranky about).

Also, a new computer is in the near future for me, and since I intend to avoid Vista like the plague, I'm moving to Mac. I know I can crossgrade, and I can upgrade to VisionLab, but can I simultaneously upgrade to VLab and crossgrade to Mac?

Or should I do it in stages, ie., upgrade to VLab and THEN crossgrade to Mac?
Posted: Mon, 30th Jul 2007, 7:16pm

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From the choices in the FXhome store it appears you must crossgrade, then upgrade. However, as this type of transaction has not been accounted for I suggest emailing before you buy, with your request for a cross+upgrade.
Posted: Tue, 31st Jul 2007, 1:25am

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Or, if you're desperate to have Vlab, you could upgrade now and then crossgrade when you get your Mac.... But if you can wait, then wait.

I'll have to email the team also....