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Bringing sexy back

Posted: Thu, 2nd Aug 2007, 10:50am

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Simon K Jones

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If you head over to the Cinema you’ll find a brand new look, which we like to describe as ‘bringing sexy back’. It’s all about highlighting your movies and making them look as cool as possible. The #1 box office movie now gets a bigger promotion, while new movies and the Top 10 are also more visible.

Meanwhile, the Cinema Archive has also benefited from a redesign, with a better listings system and a brand new instant search feature that enables you to find what you want – quickly, and easily!

Banner sizes

To accommodate the new design, all ‘large banner’ images need to be 600x340 from now on. If you want to update your existing movie banners to fit the new layout you can do so by heading over to your ‘My Movies’ area and submitting a new image.

All other poster and thumbnail images remain the same as before.
Posted: Tue, 14th Aug 2007, 12:02am

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Awesome design!

Thumbs up.

(Hum, there doesn't seem to be any "thumbs up" smileys, so I'll just put a clapping smiley. wink)