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making people invisible [ANSWER]

Posted: Fri, 3rd Aug 2007, 5:54pm

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how do you make someone invisible like in the video on the home page?
Posted: Fri, 3rd Aug 2007, 7:44pm

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You need the original footage and a clean backround plate (which means: the backround of a shot with nobody in it).

You put the backround plat below the movie clip of the person you want invisble (or partly invisble). Then you click the mask button and mask around the area of the person you want invisible.

But as for the movie on the homepage, that's called a displacment effect, where you can still see (for the most part) the object or person.

For this you'll need to shoot the person (or object) in front of a green screen, then you click composite in the media effects in the media timeline, then you'll see Displacment Map in the media attributes.