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Removing a head help [ANSWER]

Posted: Wed, 8th Aug 2007, 12:21pm

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I've been using the demo of composite lab pro as i need to buy it for my next project so i thought i might as well practice with it before i get it. I've been trying to have my actors head cut off but i've run into a big problem, i put the mask over the head quite far into the timeline and it looks good but its there constantly!! I don't want the mask there before the frame i want, is there a way to turn the mask off? then turn it back on when i need it?
Posted: Wed, 8th Aug 2007, 12:27pm

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How about simply moving it out of the screen when you don't need it, and moving it back in when you do...? smile
Posted: Wed, 8th Aug 2007, 1:25pm

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Slice the clip into sections using the slice tool. Then just apply the mask to the sliced clip that you need.
Posted: Thu, 9th Aug 2007, 9:43pm

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Like Sollthar said, move the mask off the screen the key frame before you need it, then snap it to position on the next one. Basically the easiest way to do this is to look at the key frame right before your mask that you created, select it, and then move the whole mask outside the entire frame.