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WWII Tanks

Posted: Sat, 15th Jun 2002, 9:50pm

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if someone could put together some WWII german, and american tanks such as a German Panzer and an American Modified German Tiger Tank from different angles and moving tracks, that would be awesome
Posted: Mon, 17th Jun 2002, 2:35pm

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i agree, some allied and axis tanks would be awsome. combined with the wwII planes someone could make a pretty good WWII movie
Posted: Sun, 23rd Jun 2002, 5:04am

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HI - new craft uploaded. Will see what I can do for ground forces.

Posted: Tue, 9th Jul 2002, 6:03pm

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uh i think it would be awesome if you could design german and american halftracks with move able tracks and it would be cool if you could make a guy on top using the mg42 (machine gun) . we need it for an upcoming project