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Finding sound effects [ANSWER]

Posted: Thu, 9th Aug 2007, 3:53pm

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I just installed VisionLab 2 days ago. Does this software contain sound effects? If not, is there a place where I can download them for free? tard
Posted: Thu, 9th Aug 2007, 4:08pm

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FXhomse software is not for sound editing. They don't work with sound, you need a soundeditor or an able NLE for that.

There's a collection of soundeffects in the download menu on and there's also some sites offering soundeffects like


Most of which are pretty low quality though unfortunately.
Posted: Fri, 10th Aug 2007, 6:53pm

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Another good sound website is

Best of luck.
Posted: Fri, 10th Aug 2007, 7:10pm

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and although it hasnt officialy been launched yet, it will be an awesome site when it is "done" around christmas: