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fog,mist stock footage

Posted: Tue, 14th Aug 2007, 10:44am

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Has anybody got mist or fog stock footage for free? I searched at detonationfilms but i couldn't find something.
Posted: Tue, 14th Aug 2007, 11:05am

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I don't know of any fog or mist footage that is free.

Detonationfilms or our own Fog pack at is in fact the only usable thing I could find when I was looking around the web.

If you want quality footage "for free", you'll probably have to remain disappointed.
Posted: Tue, 14th Aug 2007, 2:33pm

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I filmed my own stock footage once, it's actually pretty hard. I took a black cloth and strechted it out infront of the camera. (This was at night) Then I took a couple of stong flashlights and pointed it at where the smoke was gonna apear. That worked out pretty well.