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Minus lightsaber

Posted: Sun, 16th Jun 2002, 2:01pm

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Can your saber get any smaller than the one you start with if you get enough minuses? Maybe that's something to try....
Posted: Sun, 16th Jun 2002, 2:04pm

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Nope, you can't have a negative force. Mainly for the reason you said; because it would be something for people to aim for smile
Posted: Sun, 16th Jun 2002, 4:40pm

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lightsaber sparks up* *comes out back stabing user*
Onlooker: That can't be good
Onlookr 2: Must've had the bateries in backwards
Posted: Wed, 31st Jul 2002, 5:45pm

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Almost like: Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are fighting. All of a sudden, Vader's lightsaber loses power.
Vader: " Hmmm, I knew I should have packed that extra 9Volt today."
Luke:"9Volts? I use C size."