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3D Animations in CLab,ELab,or Vlab?

Posted: Sat, 18th Aug 2007, 1:43am

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While I was browsing the AlamDV2 Plugins section, I noticed that a large amount of plugins were 3D Renders that appeared to have been created in a third-party 3D Animation program (Maya,3DS Max, Blender, ect.).

Is there a way to put 3D renders (created with a third-party software) in Clab, Elab, or Vlab Presets?
Posted: Sat, 18th Aug 2007, 10:33am

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Hi Snook,
Of course there is, hav'nt got any experience with AlamDV2 plugins but i use a 3D application to render 3D content for compositing into footage using Composite Lab Pro.
Generally, i render with a coloured background (Green, blue etc) so i can key this out later, you'll need to import your relevent video clip into the 3D app as a backdrop to use as a ref to placement, scale, movement etc for the object(s) you want in there. This can be quite difficult or simple depending what you want to atchieve but for top notch matching of your video clip to your 3D content with ref to positioning and the 3D prospective of your clip you'll have to use camera tracking / match moving software to produce a 3 dimentional world out of your 2 dimentional clip, import that info into a compatable 3D application and use this information to position, scale or animate your object(s). This approach (if clip is tracked correctly) will give you sub pixel accuracy like they were there in the clip origonally.
Once you have a 3D object(s) matching you clip you can render this with lets say a solid green background, load this sequence into Comp Lab or Vision Lab over the 'top' of your background clip and use the tools to key out the green - hey prestow - 3D objects in your clip

Hope this helps
Posted: Sat, 18th Aug 2007, 7:46pm

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Well, you can't actually make your renders into presets, since presets just set up the engines and filters in the FXhome programs. Everything else pscamm said is spot on, however. It's relatively easy to composite 3D renders in CL, VL, or even EL, if you've rendered an alpha channel in your 3D program.
Posted: Wed, 22nd Aug 2007, 2:34am

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I agree. Also, with a lot of 3d apps these days (such as Blender, my 3d app of choice) they have their own inbuilt compositer where you can render the scene with an alpha channel and almost instantly put it over your footage in the 3d app itself then render that out with the footage in. You can then send it into your fxhome product for finishing up everything else.