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I want to make someone dissolve... but HOW?

Posted: Sun, 26th Aug 2007, 4:35pm

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alright my movie needs to have a person's body dissolve then fly into a book but i dont know if i can do that or not also make someone invisible but thats not as improtant as my fisrt question which was the dissolving thing but i want the partcles of the person to still be there
please help please
Posted: Thu, 30th Aug 2007, 1:27pm

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You might have to you a cgi character. I'm not sure, it seems the best option to me?
Posted: Thu, 30th Aug 2007, 3:27pm

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What software are you using? This is in VLAB help and you don't have that...

Anyways, here's what you need:

Shoot your actor standing over the book (maybe the camera is behind the book looking up at the actor). The camera will be stationary. Get your actor to react to what is going to be done to him digitally. Then get your actor to step off camera and film a blank background plate.

Now, find an end frame in the shot you just filmed and cut it there and place the background plate in a layer below that and make the background plate last longer than the shot (make sure you shoot enough bkgd plate for this to be possible). Then say you want the particles to be white and glowy: in your software, keyframe the brightness to 100% so your actor becomes bright. This animation will be a brief 10 frames or so, maybe less.

Then create a particle effect that starts with particles that nearly fill the outline of your actor if you were to draw a line around him/her. Then draw a feathered matte around the particle effect. Keyframe that matte to grow over the course of around 10 frames util it expands beyond the frame of your video. Then go into your particle settings (learn your software's particle enging) and have the particles shoot into the book.) Then you could use a gleam filter or something and select the book and have it react to the particles entering the book.

This is just one way to do it that I just came up with. It might not go exactly as I have it imagined, but this is the only way I could come up with real quick for VLab after getting 4 hours of sleep. It's just an idea, I don't know how well it would work in action. Basically what it will be is your actor who flashes to bright white which turns into particles that shoot down into the book which glows as the particles go out of view (draw a mask around the book) and into the book. Then you could have the whole scene calm down showing just the normal book. This effect could end up looking really cool if you shot it well, composed it well, good lighting, and some cinematic color correction/grading.
Posted: Thu, 30th Aug 2007, 5:37pm

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ok i have visionlab and i kinda get what ur saying if not it made me realize what else i could do thanx a lot
Posted: Thu, 30th Aug 2007, 10:55pm

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If you have VisionLab, then you need to register it with the site.
Posted: Fri, 31st Aug 2007, 1:30am

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Axeman wrote:

If you have VisionLab, then you need to register it with the site.
Wow, I'm a good mindreader; I knew you were gonna say that! wink

And, fxhomer... Is this a fanfilm of Harry Potter 2 or something? smile