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Is it possible to block out nudity [ANSWER]

Posted: Wed, 5th Sep 2007, 9:49pm

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i want to block out nudity for my comedy (but they r not really naked just shorts)can i do that with like a black square or blur it or sumthing?
Posted: Wed, 5th Sep 2007, 10:22pm

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Mask out the video so the black underneath will be revealed, effectively "blocking" out the nudity. You may have to do rotoscoping a bit.
Posted: Thu, 6th Sep 2007, 3:25am

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Take a cardboard box, and cut one of the flaps off of the top. Preferably the long side, but if you have a smaller actor than the shorter side would work too.

Spray paint it black, and use duct tape to secure it firmly to the skin of the actor. Best spots would be on the top of the thighs and lower abdomen.

I am kidding, by the way.
Posted: Thu, 6th Sep 2007, 7:33am

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If you wanted a mosaic type effect, you can do the following

1. Add your clip to the timeline
2. Add a grade object above it
3. In that grade object, apply a mosaic grading filter, set the size to something like 20
4. Add a square mask to the grade object, then press the "Invert shape: on".

Bingo, now you have obscured a square on your footage with a mosaic type effect, of course if you specifically wanted a black square, you can always do the same process, but instead of the mosaic, add a brightness, and set the value to -255, which will turn the area black.