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Invisible man without greenscreen? [ANSWER]

Posted: Wed, 12th Sep 2007, 7:01am

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I'm new to Composite Lab. I'm wondering if the Invisible man effect is only done by using blue or green screen. Can it be done without doing that?
Posted: Wed, 12th Sep 2007, 10:22am

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Simon K Jones

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The displacement effect can be applied to any clip, it's not restricted to keyed objects. However, if you want an invisible man walking around a normal location, you're either going to have to do intensive masking or use a greenscreen.

So, no, a greenscreen isn't necessary. But it does make things MUCH easier.
Posted: Wed, 12th Sep 2007, 10:58am

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Actually, a real invisible man would be quite easy to shoot: Shoot a scene without anybody in it! biggrin