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Posted: Thu, 13th Sep 2007, 4:50pm

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Every time I upload an avatar, it dosen't show up. It matches the spec. and is the right sive but it just won't show up. The same thing happens with the banners. I had one for a while, then it vanished. I guess it's not a big deal, but I would like to have one. thanks.
Posted: Fri, 14th Sep 2007, 8:06am

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Your signature banner will only show up when your post is a certain height (the default is 200 pixels). We added that feature recently to stop the topics looking too cluttered. If you want to always see the banners you can change it in your forum options.

I'm not sure why your avatar doesn't work. If you email ( the image file to me i'll have a look and tell you what the problem is.