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Tutorial: Customising VideoWrap & Adding Custom Template

Posted: Mon, 1st Oct 2007, 10:29pm

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Hi there,

Below is a guide in changing the default templates/options and adding your own templates to the great VideoWrap application released by fxHome.

Below is an example on how to design your own templates for web distribution. You can also make other templates too using this method on the other folders.
  • Open "My Computer".
  • Navigate to the "C:\Program Files\FXhome VideoWrap!\data\internet\templates" folder.
  • Copy the VideoWrap folder and name it with your own name. Eg. "SketchWork".
  • Inside that folder change the icon.png graphic to your own icon.
  • If you are feeling brave edit the data.xml file and update the description bit at the bottom to your own description (this is not really necessary).
  • Now you can navigate to the Flash or Quicktime folders and in the additional files folder you can change the graphics for this template.

  • You can also change the xml/js files to add/change the default options for your player too

Have fun,

Posted: Sat, 8th Mar 2008, 6:49pm

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Please excuse my ignorance here, as I have zero programing experience: I copied the VideoWrap folder and tried to edit the xml file for the 516k Flash template. The 1Mb template creates a file that is much larger than what I want. All I really want to do is change the size of the 516k output file from 320 x 240 pixels to 600 x 360 (for widescreen). But the XML is linked to a internet file and I'm unable to change any of the parameters on that internet file.

How can I edit and save the new version of the XML file?

Posted: Wed, 16th Apr 2008, 12:57am

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I know it has been almost a month since your post aldo12xu but I figured I would answer the question anyways. Now assuming you are using a PC you simply right-click on the xml file > open with > Notepad, if it doesn't give you the option of opening with notepad then select "choose program" then find the link to notepad.