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Calling all TiVo, Treo and Blackberry owners!

Posted: Tue, 2nd Oct 2007, 11:20am

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Simon K Jones

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Do you own a TiVo, Palm Treo or Blackberry? If so, we need your help! In our continuing efforts to make VideoWrap as great as possible, we're looking to add support for these products and need people to test the results. If you'd like to help us out with the testing, leave a comment or email us at Thanks everyone!
Posted: Tue, 2nd Oct 2007, 11:03pm

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My family (dad) owns a Blackberry and would love to help you test results. My e-mail is:

admin %at%
Posted: Wed, 3rd Oct 2007, 12:26am

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the Fiddler

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I was asked in a thread in the VideoWrap forum if I'd be willing to help with further iPod testing to decrease bitrate & keep/increase quality. But when I replied and said it would, I never heard back. I'm still willing, but can't help with any of these new ones.
Posted: Wed, 3rd Oct 2007, 1:33pm

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Frosty G

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I have Tivo and can help if you still need it.