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Energy Shackles

Posted: Wed, 3rd Oct 2007, 2:47am

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Anyone have any idea how I could do enrgy shackles that go around or even cheesy in front of someones wrist.

And how do I keep them moving with the video (wrist?) without having to copy paste and move the emitter? I was thinking I could do this in FCP like how you blur things out but can you do this with EffectsLab Pro?

I am sorry Im a total hack when it comes to this program,

Thanks in advance!
Posted: Wed, 3rd Oct 2007, 4:21am

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Umm, what exactly do you mean by energy shackles? If you have seen this before (on a video or on a picture) could you please find it and give us the link so we can have a look at it and try help you out a bit more.
Posted: Wed, 3rd Oct 2007, 8:18am

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I think he means such things as which can be seen on Dragon ball Z. I don't watch the series but i remember seeing a clip somewhere of someone being attached to a cliff face using energy shackles (and those are basically energy rings around the wrist/waist/ankles/wherever to stop you from moving. So like handcuffs, which glow and are perfectly round).

I would of thought they would be pretty easy to create in CLab with a couple of glow effects. There may even be a pre-set for something like what you are after on the FXhome download section so take a gander if you haven't done so already.
Posted: Wed, 3rd Oct 2007, 11:27am

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There is a force lightning preset which creates a moving electric spark on screen and you could size this to look as if it was around or in front of someone's wrist.

You won't need to cut and paste the emitter, simply move it frame by frame so the effect follows the moving hands. The FX Home programs have very good key framing and tweening so you won't need to reposition the effect on every frame in most instances, just at major movements and the program fills in the intermediate positions for you.

To sell the effect add some neon glow effects to the prisoner's arms and body as well as any nearby scenery.