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battle+destroyer droids

Posted: Thu, 20th Jun 2002, 6:31pm

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well im new hear, but i love alamdv and have been using it for a few months now, just never needed to post.

anyway, i was wondering if anyone would be willing to makie a battle droid actually with a gun, and maybe have it walk or something,

also i was thinking about a destroyer droid. it could have tree veriations, rolling unfolding and stationary, there already is a energyfield plugin so that would work ontop.
im working out a fan film and was hoping to use these
thanks guys smile
Posted: Thu, 20th Jun 2002, 6:40pm

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yeah, good ideas...

there was a big thread on this a while ago, and some of the stuff is in the making i believe...
Posted: Thu, 20th Jun 2002, 7:29pm

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Not knocking Alamdv in anyway but......

Have a look on the web for.

starwars poser

this will bring up a lot of posable starwars figures/objects/ships that can be animated by yourself, very easy to use.
you can get the Poser software free on magazine covers, but this will only get you version 3, or download the demo of version 4 from Curious Labs, Inc.

you can overlay the droids or ships just like alamdv on a avi / bmp etc. file
then render that and take it to alam for th laser blasts etc.
Hope this helps, I find the two programmes work well with each other.
Posted: Thu, 20th Jun 2002, 7:52pm

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I'm working on a destroyer droid plugin, but it might be a while before I get it done.
Posted: Thu, 20th Jun 2002, 11:52pm

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I cant help u there! KG
Posted: Fri, 21st Jun 2002, 3:33am

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cool, thanks guys
Posted: Sun, 30th Jun 2002, 12:46pm

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I heard people talking about this program in the forum but i cant find it anywhere to get it or to find any information on it.
can anyone help me out?