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Xbox wmv or mpg [ANSWER]

Posted: Sun, 21st Oct 2007, 12:26pm

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I am using the trial version and will probably buy the full version as soon as I can sort this problem out.
When I convert a short clip over to viewing it on my x-box 360, the file it converts to is an .mpg and not the .wmv which the x-box only recognises.
I have placed the movie clip in the relevant place on my computer (Video) so that is not the problem.

I must state that the convert to .3gp is great! really good quality over the other programs I have used.
Posted: Mon, 22nd Oct 2007, 8:06am

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Thanks for the comments, we have had another user asking for an xbox wmv template as well, this is going to be added into an update for you, but i'm unaware of any time scale for release.