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Chroma Key then adding and grading [ANSWER]

Posted: Fri, 2nd Nov 2007, 9:18pm

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I have a peice of footage i am having problem with i filmed an actor on a green screen then keyed out the screen and now i want to add brightness to only wats left not the green screen but when i add the brightness grading it affects the green screen causing it not to key out anymore. Any ideas.
Posted: Fri, 2nd Nov 2007, 10:10pm

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Make sure you are using grading filters, and not key grade filters. Also, check what view mode you are in, as that can make a difference. Project overview will give you the final results of your composite, and a proper grade filter won't affect the color of anything that's been keyed out.
Posted: Sat, 3rd Nov 2007, 12:54am

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Please watch the video tutorials, they will help you greatly and will save you many questions in the future: Here