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Zachary Quinto as Spock

Posted: Tue, 13th Nov 2007, 10:28am

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Simon K Jones

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Everybody knows by now that Zachary Quinto (Sylar in Heroes) is playing Spock in the new Star Trek film. Despite the fact that the film is still being cast (Winona Ryder having been announced this week), the cameras are already rolling and Quinto was recently seen on set complete with point ears. Meanwhile, classic Trek writer and sci-fi icon Harlan Ellison has been complaining about JJ Abrams allegedly using some of his ideas... All we know is that it's shaping up to be the most interesting Star Trek film in over a decade.
Posted: Wed, 14th Nov 2007, 7:03am

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More interesting than the joystick used to control the Enterprise in Insurrection? I think not.
Posted: Thu, 22nd Nov 2007, 2:38pm

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is that guy in the picture supposed to be sylar cause it looks nothing like him