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How can I incease EffectsLab Pro's playback speed? [ANSWER]

Posted: Sun, 9th Dec 2007, 1:56pm

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My playback is very choppy even though I have rendered evry frame. Any suggestions?
Posted: Sun, 9th Dec 2007, 3:00pm

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This is probably just your computer that's not fast enough. You could just turn down the quality of the playback. Rendering the movie out completely is the only sure way to get full quality playback.
Posted: Sun, 9th Dec 2007, 5:08pm

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Yep, it's probably just your playback - try exporting and if you still stutter then try a quick transcode to a compressed format which your computer will chew quickly through
Posted: Sun, 9th Dec 2007, 5:46pm

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