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Flash 2mb query [WIP]

Posted: Sun, 16th Dec 2007, 4:02pm

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Hi, first of all I'd like to congratulate FXHome for their Video Wrap software. I was alerted to it yesterday and I've been playing around with the demo ever since! It's just what I was looking for as I’m a Video Producer who keeps being asked if he has any clips or films online. Up to now I haven't but I'm now going to have a go myself and learn a lot along the way.

The only problem I've had so far with the demo is with the 2mb setting. I'm using the web template settings and converting from .avi into flash. When I start the conversion sometimes a small box appears with a negative frame count (something like -4003 frames) - I click on okay in the box and another similar box comes up. Eventually I get a message saying 'macromedia projector needs to close' and clicking ok on this closes the whole programme.

As this doesn’t happen all the time I suspect the error is to do with my source clip, so it would be useful to know the best format and compression of clip to use. I also have Final Cut Pro, so once I edit my showreel I'll use this to save into a suitable format. I understand that either .avi or .mov is fine - is there any preference?

Another query with the 2mb setting - I notice that the description says 'NTSC'. As I'm in the UK we use PAL - is this actually an issue? Probably not as the clip will play on a computer screen. Perhaps I can change it with the full version?

Also, I'd ideally like to offer a range of quality options. Do you have any plans to introduce a higher quality level than 2mb? As online speeds increase this could be useful for film makers who want to get their movies shown at optimum quality.

Finally, can anyone point me in the direction of an idiot’s guide to website layout? I have a basic idea but I’m not clear on how to create a master page with a menu of say five clips, each with a thumbnail and short description. Ideally, clicking on the thumbnail would take the user to the clip and there would be more detail under the display screen for him to read as the clip was playing.

Thanks again FXHome!
Posted: Wed, 19th Dec 2007, 11:37am

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The "negative frame number" is actually an error code, which is referring to the an issue of having an invalid number of streams. Not much more I can tell you without knowing what format is your source clip currently, specifically what codec for both audio and video?

If you are using Final Cut Pro, I would stick to using QuickTime, having written code for both AVI and QuickTime, the later seems to be a better format to me (personnally anyway).

We are a UK company, so know all about using PAL, the software will detect the resolution of your movie and behave accordingly so that isn't a problem.

Yes, there has been requests for more templates which we will hopefully get round to in 2008 2mb/s is quite high, since at the end of the day you want it to stream quite quickly, but an option to allow higher would be good if quality was more of an issue than speed.

As far as website layout, that's more of an art than science, maybe pick up a few books or just peruse the Internet for various sites to help you out. Adobe Dreamweaver is a nice piece of software if you don't like coding websites from scratch.
Posted: Wed, 19th Dec 2007, 1:56pm

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Thanks Cogz!