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Heat effect? and Rain

Posted: Fri, 28th Jun 2002, 12:26am

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Wondering if anyone could make the sort of whirly effect you see when there is a heat wave or when there is gas coming out of something do you know what i mean.
Could be useful for something like gas leaking from something before it explodes.
Also was wondering if anyone could make a better rain affect not saying the one that is out already isnt good just dosnt seem as good as it could be.
Posted: Fri, 28th Jun 2002, 12:38am

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Ehhh, not too likely on the Gas/Heat effect. That would be a warp of the footage, not an overlay effect like what AlamDV does.
Posted: Fri, 28th Jun 2002, 2:07am

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What would you like to see improved in regard to rain effect? I can change it to how you like.

Also: yes, a heat effect seems unlikely, alamdv can't distort the image. You can try some of the video effects right before you export, and see if any of those fulfill your desire.
Posted: Fri, 28th Jun 2002, 4:35pm

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But AlamDV *could* distort the image. It's not hard to program, and it would be an incredibly useful feature: for bullet wakes, explosion shockwaves, Predator camo suits, heat haze, wormholes, and so on. Maybe in v3 ;)
Posted: Fri, 28th Jun 2002, 4:44pm

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alamdv *can't* do it, as it is not part of the programming, maybe it will be in alamdv 3 though smile