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Posted: Sat, 22nd Dec 2007, 4:23pm

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Hello! This is just a sort of hi and a simple question. First, a word of myself. I'm 100% new to Visionlab Studio. I bought it because I believe it will prove idea for theme based sign language instruction material i expect to develop in the form of DVDs.
My question is this. In looking at the online tutorials I saw mentioned that if one needs subtitles to go back to the tutorial menu and select that feature. Great, because as a Deaf person I definitely need subtitles. But I'm unable to locate such a feature in the menu. Ihave a sneaking suspicion that what is actually meant is the tect tutorial and this is not what I'm hoping for. I'd like to see the actions displayed in he video tutorials along with the subtitles so I have a better understanding of what I'm doing. Could someone advise me on this matter? How do I access the tutorial subtitles?
Posted: Sat, 29th Dec 2007, 8:12am

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Well, you can easily put it in with windows movie maker.
Posted: Sat, 29th Dec 2007, 4:35pm

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I have been checking to see if i can get subtitles to the video tutorials and i couldnt find any means of doing so. im sure fxhome might like to fix that. but if you wish i could type out what he is saying through out it and you could watch and read if that would be of any help. I'll keep searching.
Posted: Sun, 24th Feb 2008, 1:56pm

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well in the feature information for VisionLab Studio I noticed that the program works alongside your NLE (Non-Linear Editor) such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

I use Adobe Premiere 2.0 which has a text editor so I would probably use this to make the text; and try to make it look as much as the sub-titles you'd see in a feature film.

So I'd:

1. Import my clips into premiere
2. Export the cuts I want to put effects on with VisionLab
3. Import the cuts into VisionLab
4. Do the effects in VisionLab
5. Export render the cuts from VisionLab
6. Import the rendered cuts into premiere
7. Edit my movie by putting the effects into the sequence of shots (in premiere)
8. Make the subtitle text and layer it over the shots (in premiere)